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The Monza Park

With its 685 hectares it is the largest penned park in Europe, with a fourteen kilometre perimetral wall. It is the green lung for Monza and the surrounding territory.


Known to the world mainly because of the Formula 1 Grand Prix race in the nearby autodrome, it also has spectacular natural landscapes.
The park, founded in 1805 by Napoleon Bonaparte’s stepson Eugene de Beauhaurnais, viceroy of Italy, was designed by Luigi Canonica, a pupil by the Piermarini who built the neighbouring ‘Villa Reale’.



In this historical park, through which the Lambro river flows, there are forests, meadows, farmlands, villas, farmsteads, and even a racetrack and golf course.

The park can be explored by foot, skateboard, bicycles or horseback. There are also two ingenious transport services available: a mini electric train that runs through the park (from Porta Monza - 1, 5 euros) and a coach (5 euros on Saturdays and Sundays – but only in spring and summer).


There are several different itineraries:

    Itinerary to discover the architectural landmarks such as the Villa Reale, Villa Mirabello, Villa Mirabellino. These are the crown jewels of the park.
  • THE GREEN GIANTS (Arboreal tour)
    Itinerary to discover the age old trees in the park. Many are over 200 years old. This route includes a visit to the rosary and the English garden.


    A winding route along the Lambro river including the ancient irrigation ditches, bridges and mills.


    -The gnomes trail (blue path).
    -The knights and witches trail (red path).


At the ‘Cascina Bastia’, near the ‘Porta di Monza’, there is a bicycle rental service (open every day in spring and summer and only on Saturdays and Sundays in autumn and winter)

 Gli alberi del Parco di monza

General Park Information: Foot ways, Cycle-ways, sports activities, wildlife watching and exploring, recreation Center, kids center




Info Point:
Cascina Bastia (From Porta di Monza, Viale Brianza - Monza).
Tel: 0392300009

Park Infomation hours: from 10 a.m. to 5,30 p.m





Visiting hours:

from 7.00am to 8.30pm in summer
from 7.00am to 7.30pm in winter

Park-office: Villa Mirabello - viale Mirabello 10  -  Monza


Getting there

6 Gates:

-          Porta Monza - viale Brianza, Monza

-          Porta Vedano - via Villa, Monza

-          Porta Biassono - From Biassono

-          Porta San Giorgio - Viale Mulini S. Giorgio, Monza

-          Porta Santa Maria delle Selve - From Biassono

-          Porta Villasanta - Via Confalonieri - From Villasanta


2 Parkings: 

Gate Vedano- close to the Autodrome (free)

Gate Monza – Viale Cavigra (paying park)


By Train

FS - Monza Station



Milano-Bergamo (via Carnate/via Treviglio)



FS - Biassono-Lesmo Station:

Milano-Sesto S. Giovanni-Molteno-Lecco


FS - Villasanta Station:

Milano-Sesto S. Giovanni-Molteno-Lecco



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